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IIS - Committed to the Education of the Heart

Indian Institute of Spirituality (IIS), managed by THE MISSIONARIES OF ST. FRANCIS DE SALES (MSFS), is a religious institute designed to study Christian spirituality and live it in the context of the spirituality of Indian religions. It encourages clear and creative thinking, in consonance with the teachings of the Church and the dictates of the Gospel, conducive to an experience of the supreme truth, Sat-Cit-Ananda, through selfless service and loving commitment to Truth.

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Our Courses

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Diploma in Spiritual Theology.

The Diploma Course in Spiritual Theology, offered by the Indian Institute of Spirituality

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Licentiate in Spiritual Theology

The Licentiate (MTh) in Spirituality conducted by the Indian Institute of Spirituality...

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Doctorate in Spiritual Theology

Doctorate in Spiritual Theology offered by the IIS is oriented to assist doctoral students to make personal...

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Quote of the day

Kiss your crosses, do not bite them. When you kiss them, you are cured. They become pleasant. We learn to love them

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