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Globalization has hopped up the levels and standards of communication in the modern world. Time has come to accept televisions, telephones and computers as part and parcel of normal life-style even among people who are in the lower economic strata of the society. All the major educational institutions in India today have scheduled computers and computer courses in their academic curriculum. taking into consideration the academic quality this medium brings to the students, Indian Institute of Spirituality has established a well-furnished computer lab to which every registered student of the institute has access. The institute also offers an introductory course on computer science, especially for those students who are beginners in the use of computers. Every student of the institute also will have access to the advanced internet facility offered by the institute, especially for on-line research and advanced studies. The computer lab as well as the internet facility will be made available to the students according to the norms and time-table set by the institute.

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