The aim of the Indian Institute of Spirituality is to promote serious study and research in the spiritualities of the East and the West, in order to bring about personal integration in the life of an individual on various levels such as spiritual, religious, psychological and social. IIS follows an integral approach to spirituality. The Institute fosters the harmony (aikyam) of devotion (bhakti), knowledge (jnana) and action (karma). While striving hard to excel in serious study and research, every student is encouraged to do his or her best to excel in the realization of the harmony of loving devotion, wisdom and activity,  in a spirit of selfless service (Niskama Karma).

In contrast to a dualistic, ‘either-or’ mentality that sees things as irreconcilable opposites, the goal of Indian Institute of spirituality stresses a complementary, ‘both-and’ attitude that is integrative and inclusive. Such an integrative approach opposes pitting ‘the sacred’ against ‘the secular’, ‘this world’ against ‘the next world’, ‘the individual’ against ‘the social’, and ‘the spiritual’ against ‘the material’. Fulfilling the diverse requirements of Christian living in a balanced fashion, so that no one aspect is overemphasized to the detriment of others, is not an easy task. Indian Institute of Spirituality attempts to tackle the tough task of finding an outlook that will integrate people’s lives sufficiently to give them a sense of increasing wholeness and guide them in fashioning a concrete way of living-out their spirituality. By enabling people to forge a more vital link between their faith and their daily lives, IIS pursues to heal the dichotomy between the human and the divine, the secular and the sacred – a division that has forced so many to be schizophrenic in living out their religious beliefs. This Institute aims at forming mature Christians who can overcome the pernicious dichotomy between soul and body, brain and heart, and thus become more harmonious in thoughts and deeds. Thus, Indian Institute of Spirituality makes special effort to teach Christian spirituality and help to live it in the context of the spirituality of Indian religions. It also aims at preparing priests, religious and laity for inter-religious dialogues and to meet the challenges of the time for an effective pastoral and spiritual ministry.

IIS draws its inspiration for the Educational Apostolate from the Founder of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, Fr. Peter Marie Mermier, who said: ‘Education of the Heart is the Heart of Education.’ The Indian Institute of Spirituality endeavours to promote studies and research in spiritualities of the East and the West with the aim of the enlightenment of mind and heart. Its programmes are oriented towards preparing Priests, Religious and Laity for an effective and active pastoral ministry, to attain a greater awareness of the spiritual, social, political, economic, religious and ideological systems and traditions that influence the lives of Christians and their fellow-seekers of God. IIS endorses the spirit of the Church by engaging deeply in the ecumenical pursuit by offering opportunities to students of different Christian denominations to participate in the academic programmes of the institute and it fosters religious harmony through inter-religious dialogues and prayer seminars conducted annually. Its goal is to encourage clear and creative thinking, in consonance with the teachings of the Church and the dictates of the Gospel, in the context of the Indian religious and spiritual traditions, conducive to an experience of the Supreme Truth through selfless service and loving commitment.

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