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Rev. Fr. George Vayalil was the first missionary to go out of Kerala to the frontiers of the world. Following his footsteps today the MSFS congregation is above 26 countries all over the world. But missionary activity cannot be limited to the journey of Fr Vayalil but can be traced back in the living of any faith and tradition as well.
The theme on ‘called to bear witness to the Lord’ is homage to Fr. Vayallil to reflect more deeply on our mission in today’s world. This theme is a reflection on the apostolic exhortation of Pope Francis, “Evangelii Gaudium”. It is a 2013 apostolic exhortation on “the church’s primary mission of evangelization in the modern world”, urging the entire Church “to embark on a new chapter of evangelization”.
The keynote address will be delivered by Rev. Dr. Abraham Palathinkal. Research papers and articles from various fields of spirituality and mission will be presented to enable and elucidate fruitful reflection and interaction, dialogue and vision statements with practical applications.


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Indian Institute of Spirituality, through this inter-religious dialogue, would like to highlight its commitment to a peaceful and just society through loving co-habitation with people of other religions. All are cordially welcome to this eventful days of interaction, dialogue and sharing.


Study Tour to Varanasi and Live-In Experience among Krist-Bhaktas

Spirituality is an Experience of God in the given context of one’s life. In the Indian context we call it as an Anubhava. All of us are invited to have an experience of God in the daily life-events and define the purpose and goal of our life in accordance with it. Indian Institute of Spirituality, therefore, follows an integral approach to spirituality. The institute fosters the harmony of devotion, knowledge and action in a spirit of selfless service. In order to bring about such a spiritual approach to life and its eventualities it is necessary to initiate a personal integration in the life of an individual on various levels such as spiritual, physical, psychological, intellectual and social. That is what we call as the holistic spirituality.
Taking into consideration the need to integrate oneself into a holistic personality, Indian Institute of Spirituality is organizing a live-in experience of two weeks for the post-graduate students, firstly, in the city of light, Varanasi itself and then among the villagers of Kasi (Varanasi).
The first week would be spent in the city of Varanasi attending a course on Bhagavat Gita and inculcating the spirit of Gita in a Christian way of living. There will be also practical exposure to the city of Varanasi by visiting and learning the spiritual treasure of this great city.
The second week would be a practical experience especially with the group of the Khrist-Bhaktas. It would be an experiential learning by following the life-style of the local people in an ashram context, completely adapting oneself to the people’s living conditions, sharing their food, facilities and thus learning contextually the meaning of spirituality. The experience would include classes on Indian Spirituality, visiting the villages, conducting meditations, Satsangh and meeting the Khrist-Bhaktas.

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