Indian Institute of Spirituality counts as one of its major assets the specialized library which has been built up over the years, mainly with books on Spirituality of the East and the West. One of the priorities for the Institute is the expansion of the library on a yearly basis. The library has now a collection of ca. 10,000 volumes, most of which are on Spirituality (both Western and Eastern), Spiritual Theology, Religion, Social Sciences and allied subjects. The library is in regular receipt of about 40 theological journals. There is a commendable collection of Encyclopedias on different fields of knowledge and a good number of multi-volumed works on various branches of Theology. The library, which is computerized, is managed by one of the regular staff members, who is assisted by a full-time librarian and a few students.

  • Since this is a specialized library on Spirituality, students are allowed to borrow books on every evening from 16Hr-18Hr. They are expected to return those books on the next day morning between 8Hr and 9Hr. Those who borrow books on Friday afternoon are expected to return them on the following Monday between 8Hr and 9Hr. A student may borrow three books at a time.
  • During the vacation (in December) as well as in the month of May the library will remain closed. The explicit permission of the Librarian is required to retain a book during the above-mentioned periods.
  • The Reference Hall is opened daily from 8Hr to 18.Hr for the Diploma and Certificate Students, and from 8Hr – 19.30Hr for the M.Th. and Doctoral Students. Books from the reference shelves should not be taken out of the reference room. Strict silence is to be maintained both in the library as well as in the reference room.
  • Personal books, files and other belongings are not to be taken into the library. They are to be left at the counter. Only papers, writing material and lap-top computers are allowed into the reading, reference and stack rooms.
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