Vayalil Memorial Lecture October 02-05 2023 Rev. Fr Vayalil Memorial Lectures were held on 02nd – 05th OCTOBER, 2023. The Topic was “Spirituality and Social Justice in the Contemporary Context of Christians in India” The lectures were oriented towards a progressive dialogue as a fitting homage to the late veteran missionary Rev. Fr George Vayalil Msfs whose missionary endeavours help us to reflect more deeply on our mission context in today’s world, particularly in the subcontinent of India. Rev. Dr David Stanly Kumar, the Head of the Department for Biblical Theology at St Peter’s Pontifical Institute delivered the keynote address titled Pophetic Voice, Voices of Dissent, and Emancipation in the Prophetic Literature. The memorial lectures focused on variety of sub-themes as well; viz a) Spirituality of Hope: A Theological Voice of the Divine – Human Relationships for a Renewed World Order and Harmony by Dr Jeevan Prasad Dandavathi msfs, Prefect of Studies at Indian Institute of Spirituality; b) Causes of Social Disharmnony in India Today: A Realistic Approach to the Problems in Manipur and Possible Solutions by Dr Selvin Raj SJ faculty member at Indian Social Institute, Bangalore. The Memorial Lectures were followed by a three-day Doctoral Colloquium in which the doctoral students of the institute presented the major highlights of their doctoral dissertation.

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