Indian institute of spirituality (iis)

International Research Centre
Recognised by
Bangalore University

 Incorporated into
St. Peter's Pontifical Institute

Managed by the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS)
South West India Province

Master's Degree (M.Th)

Spiritual Theology

Master's Degree in Spiritual Theology

M.Th in Spirituality, conducted by the Indian Institute of Spirituality, in association with St. Peter's Pontifical Institute, provides the students with opportunities to specialize in the spiritualities of the East and the West. This course is intended to train the students for scientific research and prepares them to teach theology, with the specialization in Spiritual Theology, in seminaries, in institutions of higher learning and in houses of formation. The master's degree in Spirituality, offered by Indian Institute of Spirituality, comprises 2 years of rigorous research and study. During this period students reside in the Institute. The course, which is conducted on a cyclical basis, consists of lectures, tutorial, seminars, field work, learning of foreign languages and the furnishing of a scientific dissertation, which is to be defended at the end of the course. It offers opportunities to the students for personal study and research under the guidance of competent professors. The courses and examinations are jointly conducted by both St. Peter's Pontifical Institute and the Indian Institute of Spirituality. The degree offered by the Institute at the completion of the course qualify candidates for admission to the Doctoral Study in any ecclesiastical faculty of theology in India and abroad.

 Duration:        2 Years (From 30th June to 31st March)


Registration: Rs. 300/- (In the First Year only)
Handbook, ID Card: Rs. 200/-
Internet Fee Rs. 1000/-
Library Fee:  Rs. 2,500/-
Tuition Fee: Rs. 11,500/-
Board & Lodging: Rs. 26,700/-

Scholarship:    Available through the Institute

 Registration Deadline:          15th  May

 Eligibility: Admission to the MTh in Spiritual Theology is open to those who already possess a degree in BTh with at least second class. The eligibility of the candidate will be adjudged by the competent authorities of the Institute.

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M.Th Courses

Introductory Courses
            Basic Concepts in Spirituality
Research Methodology

Basic Courses
            History of Spirituality - Ancient
            History of Spirituality - Medieval
            History of Spirituality - Modern
            History of Spirituality - Contemporary

Schools of Spirituality

Biblical Spirituality
Mission in the Bible (Part I & II)
            Spirituality of Psalms
            Johannine Spirituality
            Pauline Spirituality
           Spirituality of the Book of Revelation

Theology and Spirituality
            Special Questions in the Theology of Trinity
Special Questions in Christology     
            Marian Spirituality

Spirituality and Psychology
Psycho-Spiritual Integration
            Mid-life Transition and Spiritual Growth
            Pastoral Psychology and Counselling

Indian Spirituality
            Yoga Spirituality
            Indian Spirituality
            Indian Christian Spirituality
            Spirituality of the Bhagavad Gita 
            Spirituality of Meditation

General Spirituality
            Spirituality and Morality
            Indo-Christic Liberative Spirituality
            Spirituality of Communication
            Patristic Spirituality
            Priestly Spirituality
            Proclamation of the Word of God
            Spirituality of the Laity
            New Religious Movements

Inter-Religious Dialogue & Ecumenism       
            Inter-religious Dialogue
            Inter-denominational Prayer Seminar

Classical and Modern Languages

NB:      *In addition, the Institute offers every year Rev. Fr. George Vayalil MSFS Memorial Lectures, Doctoral & M.Th Seminars and Doctoral & M.Th Colloquiums.


Doctorate in Spiritual Theology offered by IIS is oriented to assist students to make personal contribution to scientific and theological research through the writing of a dissertation, which is to be accomplished under the guidance of a competent professor, within a reasonable time-limit. The candidates study in depth and specialize in one specific theme without neglecting the over-all comprehension and mastery of the vast field of Spirituality.

Minimum 2 Years, Maximum 3-4 Years

Eligibility: Admission to the Doctoral Studies in Spiritual Theology demands a canonically valid Master's Degree (MTh) in Spiritual Theology.

Fee (per year):

            Registration:                          Rs. 500/- (In the First Year only)
            ID Card, Handbook:              Rs. 200/-
            Library Fee:                           Rs. 2,500/-
            Course Fee:                            Rs. 4,800/-

Scholarship:    Available through the Institute




For Further Information and Application Forms, Contact:


                                                       The Director
                                    Indian Institute of Spirituality
                                    P.B. No. 5639, Dr. Rajkumar Road
Rajajinagar Ist Block
                                    Bangalore - 560 010

                                    Tel.: 0091-80-23376857; 22901869


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